Why maths and life are two different things?

Of course I do not intend to even try to answer this question, rather, I will explain an example that happened to me yesterday.

Imagine there are three lifts on the same wall.  You are in a rush (the stairs are far away not to be considered) and you need to stand up somewhere in order to take the lift as quick as possible. Where should you stand?

|                          0H   <-YOU

Mathematically the answer is simple if you consider that each lift has the same probability of arriving (all are available, have the same speed, arrive to every floor, etc…  ). In this case you should locate in front of the lift in the middle.

In the real life, however, this is far from being optimal. First of all, it is not very polite. Secondly, you may not been able to see if one of the other lifts arrive before. So a better answer is to consider the smallest distance from the lift in the middle that allows you to see the other two lifts. This answer uses the mathematical answer, but it improves it accordingly the real word.

This example clearly shows that maths and life are two different things, however, maths can help you to improve a decision in real life if you use it carefully.


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